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Virginia Landscaping

The Plants of Virginia

by Staff September 26, 2013

The Plant Data Team at the USDA has provided all of us with a handy site where we can research the various plants we find in Virginia.  They have a searchable database with over 50,000 photos and details about plants’ scientific data.  The information on the site is contributed by viewers as well as scientists, [...]


Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council Tour

by Sue June 11, 2013

June 29, 2013 9AM to 4PM Albemarle County Office Building Charlottesville, VA The tour begins with an informative talk and walk around the grounds of the Albemarle County Office building and then a tour of sustainable landscaping sites in the Charlottesville area. This is being hosted by the Piedmont Environmental Council, Department of Game and [...]


A Tour of Charlottesville Farm Estates

by Staff May 24, 2013

Everybody seems curious about what lies behind the distinctive gates of the farms and estates on Rt. 231 in the Keswick area just east of Charlottesville.  The area is scenic, “grand” in a peaceful way.  Mile after mile of horse fences and a backdrop of the Southwest Mountains create a perfect setting for the elegant [...]


Growing Plants from Seedlings

by Staff February 23, 2013

I have to confess that given the chance, I’ll take a small plant that already has its first roots, instead of a little dry seed that needs a lot of extra help to get to that same stage.  It takes a lot of time and attention to get a plant to be mature enough to compete with [...]


Decorating With Virginia Pine Greenery

by Staff December 15, 2012

We’ve previously mentioned the Andre Viette nursery farm in Central Virginia.  The Viette family is wonderfully knowledgeable about all things that ‘grow’, and lucky for us, they’re willing to share their tips with the rest of us.  One of their talents is in the creation of Christmas holiday wreaths and garlands. Although this video instruction is [...]


Scenic Use of Brick Landscaping In Central VA

by Staff October 7, 2012

Bricks have been used in VA since colonial times, both for structures as well as landscaping details such as pathways and walls.  Bricks are nearly synonymous with Thomas Jefferson’s influence on the architecture of Central Virginia, and we think the photo above clearly illustrates the impact of bricks on the gardens of our area.  The [...]