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Virginia Farm Tidbits

Virginia Farmers Honored By Award

by Staff September 30, 2014

Tom and Kim Nixon own Glenmary Farms in Rapidan VA.  This month they were honored as the ‘2014 Farmers Of The Year‘ by the Virginia Cooperative Extension and we want to add our own congratulations to them as well. The Nixons are very enterprising and creative farmers.  Though they farm thousands of acres, some of [...]


What’s That Steak Worth

by Staff September 16, 2014

It’s a pinch, for sure.  We shouldn’t need to consider a second mortgage in order to buy a beef roast.  But the prices just keep climbing.  According to the U.S. Dep’t of Agriculture, we are all experiencing high prices of beef and other meats at the supermarket.  And it’s a direct result of the ongoing [...]


Virginia Farmland Values

by Staff September 15, 2014

According to the National Agriculture Statistics Service, statewide Virginia’s agricultural farmland increased slightly in price over the past year.  They report that there has been a 0..2% increase in cropland values per acre from 2013 to 2014.   That translates to $10 per acre to now  $4460/acre.  That is slightly higher than the value of pastureland which remains at $3930/acre.   [...]


Farmers React to Central VA Gas Pipeline

by Staff September 10, 2014

Here’s another update link in the conversation about the gas pipelines that are scheduled to run through Central VA.  (For our background blogs on this subject you can click HERE.) One Augusta County farm family shares their concerns about the immediate personal impact that the pipeline land acquisition is having on their own 200-acre family [...]


Farm Tour on Labor Day

by Staff August 20, 2014

Hey Central Virginia food lovers!   Save Labor Day, Sept. 1st, for a time to attend a FOOD FEST from the specialty farmers of Central VA.  More than a dozen farms will welcome you on your tour and you can sample treats from their herbs, organic foods, creameries, mushroom farms, apple cider farms and many other unique and [...]


Grain Crop Production in Virginia

by Staff August 16, 2014

In recent years farmers in Virginia have accounted for more than 500,000,000 bushels of grains and soybeans.   Here’s a link to an extensive summary of Virginia’s recent grain production including grain sources, storage details, and volume of production of each grain. The grains in the study include corn, rye, oats, wheat, triticale, barley and grain sorghum.  [...]