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Virginia Farm and Land Photos

The Plants of Virginia

by Staff on September 26, 2013

Virginia Plant IdentificationThe Plant Data Team at the USDA has provided all of us with a handy site where we can research the various plants we find in Virginia.  They have a searchable database with over 50,000 photos and details about plants’ scientific data.  The information on the site is contributed by viewers as well as scientists, conservationists, students, agricultural experts, and those who work in the sciences.  It’s a multi-faceted way to learn about unfamiliar plant species because you can begin with the portion of knowledge that you already have… for instance, a photo…  and then dig deeper into the habits and life cycles once you’ve identified them with their scientific names.

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Batesville in Albemarle County VA

by Staff on October 8, 2012

Batesville Road In Albemarle County VaBatesville is a very small town located a bit west of Charlottesville in Albemarle County.  The countryside around Batesville.. which borders on an area known as Greenwood… is rolling and rural with distant mountain views everywhere you look.  There are working farms and also grand estate properties.

The town of Batesville is little more than an intersection.  But it is bucolic, quiet, and scenic…. and it is only a few minutes from the City of Charlottesville.  It seems that just driving through this part of the county is a peaceful experience, one that you don’t want to hurry.  Time slows down and priorities become clearer.

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Scenic Use of Brick Landscaping In Central VA

by Staff October 7, 2012

Bricks have been used in VA since colonial times, both for structures as well as landscaping details such as pathways and walls.  Bricks are nearly synonymous with Thomas Jefferson’s influence on the architecture of Central Virginia, and we think the photo above clearly illustrates the impact of bricks on the gardens of our area.  The [...]


Orange County VA Farm Photo

by Staff October 2, 2012

Orange County lies northeast of Charlottesville, between Madison County and Louisa County.  Orange is a somewhat rural county, dotted with farmscapes and vineyards.  It’s a county with big views like this great barn, lovely old farms, and many historic battlefields from the Civil War. We hope this gives you a good sense of the feeling of the [...]


Albemarle County Va Farm Photo

by Staff September 30, 2012

Charlottesville is located in Albemarle County, and the town has many lovely farms surrounding it in every direction.  This particular photo is a farm that’s west of Charlottesville by only a few minutes.  You can see why the farms in Central VA are a prized commodity.  That’s the Blue Ridge Mountains peeking up in the [...]


Madison County Farm Scenery

by Staff September 28, 2012

In keeping with our previous article featuring photos of the farms and barns of Central Virginia, we’re going to stay with Madison County for a bit. This photo should give you a sense of the rolling hillsides and traditional farm buildings that make up much of Madison County. Madison County lies between Greene County and [...]