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Local Food Movement

The Humane Egg

by Staff January 31, 2014

Our neighbor raises chickens.  Happy chickens.  They run around on acres in a fenced yard, serenely pecking at worms and bugs.   We try to purchase their eggs every time we get a chance.  Those egg yolks range from bright yellow to dark yellow, and the yellows stand up at attention when the egg hits the frying [...]


2014 Albemarle County Agri-Business Marketing Conference

by Sue January 13, 2014

January 27, 2014 8AM to 2PM Albemarle County Office Building Charlottesville, VA The Albemarle County Agri-Business Market Conference assists farmers and foodies with marketing resources. Some of the topics to be discussed will include: Social Networking, Lines of business to supplement farm income-risks & rewards, Where to Sell, Marketing and Branding resources. For more information [...]


New Supplier For Central VA Steaks

by Staff November 23, 2013

If you owned hundreds of acres of farms but you weren’t very good at growing things, … yet you loved the traditional values of farming … how would you create a meaningful life?  That was the dilemma that a Richmond man recently answered by starting a whole new business.   Richmond resident M. James Faison decided to be [...]


Virginia Farm To Table Conference

by Sue November 20, 2013

December 4th & 5th, 2013 Blue Ridge Community College Weyers Cave, VA This is the 2nd annual Virginia Farm To Table Conference: “Healthy Food and Vibrant Farms for the Common Wealth and Common Good.” Hosted by Virginia Cooperative Extension and Natural Resources Conservation Service in cooperation with Community Partners . These two days are packed [...]


Full Circle To Support Community Organics

by Staff October 27, 2013

Though consumer demand for the sustainable farming movement …. and its partner, the interest in local foods … has grown steadily for a few years in Central VA, we think it’s interesting to see how the farmers themselves have adapted their whole ways of life to be consistent with these principles. Here’s an inside look [...]


Innovative Local Food Apps

by Staff October 9, 2013

Innovation is enabling your smartphone to find all sorts of food choices, easily.   We have a feeling there will be plenty more such apps in the future too. HERE are 23 apps that allow you to find things such as restaurants that offer vegan or organic food choices for you, all the way to several sites [...]