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Organic Farming 101 in Virginia

by Staff on October 1, 2014

Organic Foods in VirginiaThe US Dep’t of Agriculture has published a very convenient site for farmers who’re looking for resources and advice for successful organic farming.  The link will take you to other really helpful information about how to become Certified Organic (did you know that you could get reimbursed for some of your certification costs?) … as well as information on the definitions and standards for certification, help with setting up good conservation practices or crop insurance, among other things.

And for those of you who actually attended every class in school and never resorted to the Cliffs Notes … here’s a link to the complete Code of Regulations for Organic Foods.  Happy reading!  There will be a quiz on Monday.

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Virginia Farm Loan Program

by Gayle on August 12, 2014

The United States Department of Agriculture’s Farm Services Agency offers direct Virginia farm ownership loans of up to $300,000  in order to help Virginia  farmers buy or enlarge a farm, construct or enlarge  farm buildings or structures and/or to promote water and soil conservation practices.  The maximum length for these loans can be up to 40 years with interest rates as low as 1.5%.  The deadline for application is September 30, 2014.  To find out more contact your county FSA office or visit

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Gifts of Pigs and Bunnies

by Staff March 17, 2013

Hey farm enthusiasts… are you aware of an organization named Heifer International?   If you value farm life and a green way of living, this is one organization you might want to consider.  It’s been in business since 1944, working internationally to develop programs that address the issues of hunger, agriculture, and training for self-reliance. Of [...]


New Apprentice Program for Meat Professionals

by Staff January 20, 2013

T & E Meats is a USDA slaughter and processing facility in Harrisonburg VA.   One of its owners is Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms, a leading expert and innovator for sustainable locally grown foods. In a stroke of genius, T & E Meats has developed a new program to merge the meat processing industry’s growing need [...]


Farmers Can Get Reimbursed For Hurricane

by Staff November 5, 2012

Farmers and ranchers are being urged to begin recording their losses and damage from the recent Hurricane Sandy.  The Farm Services Administration (FSA) has offered a list of suggestions of farm losses that might qualify for disaster funds.  Not only do these events include loss of livestock and crops, but they also can include feed [...]


For Women Who Manage Land in Virginia

by Staff September 2, 2012

Here’s a great opportunity for women who own or manage farmland or forest land in Virginia.  Henrico and Hanover counties (near Richmond VA) are having an interactive workshop sponsored by women… for women… who want to learn more about land management from professionals.   Women who are natural resource professionals will present information from the Virginia Department of Forestry, [...]