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Winter Safety

by Staff on December 22, 2014

The winter months are cold, dark and unpredictable. The weather can change suddenly, so being prepared and informed can help you stay safe this winter season. These tips can help you whether you are working/playing outside or traveling in a car.

Always watch the weather report if you plan on spending long hours outside or traveling. The weather station can keep you properly informed of precipitation, wind chills and other factors you should be aware of.

REFRM river snow scene TSMBBROC2014 DSC_0145If you are working or playing outside, dressing appropriately and staying dry are two important points. Dress in waterproof clothes and boots and make sure to wear a heavy jacket, gloves and a hat. It’s important to avoid frostbite and hypothermia, which can affect the body very quickly.

If you plan on ice fishing or skating, it’s very important to check the ice. Simply looking at the ice isn’t a reliable method of gaging its strength. It is recommended that a responsible adult measures the thickness of the ice and it must be at least 6 inches thick, more if you plan on having snowmobiles and cars on the pond. Remember that ice thickness will vary throughout the pond, so you might have to measure several areas. Also- always have a friend with you when are doing activities that involve ice.

If you must shovel due to heavy snowfall, take it easy. Cold air can make it harder to breath and shoveling can result in falling and put a strain on your heart. Here are some wonderful tips on safely shoveling snow .

Sledding is one of the most favorite winter activities for kids and adults. However, individuals each year visit the ER due to accidents. Avoid sledding near a fence or any other stationary object. Choose a nice open field and go in the daytime. Also – consider wearing a bike helmet to prevent a head injury. Don’t sled near busy roads or on icy hills.

The winter can be a dangerous time of year- but with some preparation, you can enjoy all winter has to offer!

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Support Our Local Farmers

by Staff on November 11, 2014

Virginia has some beautiful farms, ranging from fruits and vegetables, cattle and many local vineyards. Supporting our local farmers is important to the environment and the community. Here are a few important reasons on why everyone needs to support our local farmers.
Virginia Heirloom Tomatoes
1. When you buy local, the food tastes better and is fresher. Crops are picked at their peak for the best flavor and sold at local farmers markets, sometimes hours after its picked.
2. When buying local, you support the community and the farmers. Farmers get full price and the ‘middleman’ disappears. The money stays locally and doesn’t leave the community.
3. Supporting local farmers help ensure our future and that there will always be farms in our neighborhoods.
4. Buying local, helps save on energy. Since you purchased fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, we save on omissions and wasted packaging that harm the environment.

Supporting the local farming community is very important and has a variety of benefits, all which have a positive impact on our community and economy. Next time you are out, stop by a local farmers market and discover how amazing the local food is!

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Going organic- Is it the right choice for farmers?

by Staff October 29, 2014

Central Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful farms. They can range from a 30 acre apple orchard, to over 300 acres of a cattle farm. Eating organic is becoming a very popular health trend, not only because of the benefits to our environment, but also the many health benefits to our bodies. [...]


Virginia is Quarantined for Gypsy Moths

by Staff January 19, 2014

As a kid I grew up in a town that was so tiny that the town’s only doctor also served as the Medical Examiner and he was the entire local Board of Health.  He knew everyone by name, delivered most of the children, and he did house-calls for his patients.  When I had the chicken pox,  [...]


Tick Time

by Staff May 13, 2012

Despite the fun suggested in the song “I Want To Check You For Ticks”…. ticks are no laughing matter.   Due to our mild winter and early spring weather, ticks are already out there waiting for us.  In our firm it seems like The Boss can attract ticks without even trying.  If she simply entertains the [...]


Virginia Health by County

by Gayle April 7, 2012

Wondering which counties in Central Virginia are the healthiest?  The University of Wisconsin Population Health Insitute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation have just released their study and rankings of all the healthiest counties as well as those unhealty ones throughout the United States.  At their site, you can search by any county in the U.S. and [...]