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Sustainable Farming Concepts

Organic Farming 101 in Virginia

by Staff on October 1, 2014

Organic Foods in VirginiaThe US Dep’t of Agriculture has published a very convenient site for farmers who’re looking for resources and advice for successful organic farming.  The link will take you to other really helpful information about how to become Certified Organic (did you know that you could get reimbursed for some of your certification costs?) … as well as information on the definitions and standards for certification, help with setting up good conservation practices or crop insurance, among other things.

And for those of you who actually attended every class in school and never resorted to the Cliffs Notes … here’s a link to the complete Code of Regulations for Organic Foods.  Happy reading!  There will be a quiz on Monday.

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Pastures Streams and Trees Advice

by Staff on September 29, 2014

The Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (VDACS) sponsors a lot of interesting workshops and seminars.  Some workshops  aim for an audience of new or potential farmers while other target the existing experienced farmers in the state.  On 11-8-14 they have a seminar scheduled that should attract farmers in all stages of farm experience.

On that date (Nov. 8th) they will host a day-long seminar on Agroforestry, which is not as complicated as the word would suggest.  Basically this is a management system for not only pastures but also for streams and trees…. that enhances the variety of farm products possible on the property while improving the condition of the land and its farm animals.  Check out the link above for details on the seminar.  It sounds interesting and creative!

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Monitor The Butterflies

by Staff March 11, 2014

Recently we wrote about the use … and the experimental use of small unmanned drone-type devices in agricultural settings.  So it interested us to read that a 14-inch “quadcopter” with four rotor blades, recently has been used to track marshland conditions and butterflies in Georgia. The little drone owned by the Wormsloe Institute for Environmental [...]


The Humane Egg

by Staff January 31, 2014

Our neighbor raises chickens.  Happy chickens.  They run around on acres in a fenced yard, serenely pecking at worms and bugs.   We try to purchase their eggs every time we get a chance.  Those egg yolks range from bright yellow to dark yellow, and the yellows stand up at attention when the egg hits the frying [...]


To Till or Not To Till, That Is the Question

by Staff December 4, 2013

World Soil Day is tomorrow, December 5, 2013.    We’ve got our party hats and confetti, and we’ve planned our award acceptance speech, so we’re ready for the festivities. On a more serious note, one of the issues of farm conservation practices, centers on whether or not to till the soil at the end of one [...]


Pollens For Contented Bees

by Staff November 13, 2013

Randall Cash already had a bachelor’s degree in biology… plus a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history… when he went to the University of Virginia to earn his PhD  degree.  And he almost did that.  But his UVa studies took him to England for research and ironically that experience led him to abandon his doctorate goal, just shy of his [...]