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Pastures Streams and Trees Advice

by Staff September 29, 2014

The Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (VDACS) sponsors a lot of interesting workshops and seminars.  Some workshops  aim for an audience of new or potential farmers while other target the existing experienced farmers in the state.  On 11-8-14 they have a seminar scheduled that should attract farmers in all stages of farm experience. [...]


Edible Landscapes in Virginia

by Staff September 22, 2014

For those who want to integrate themselves into the Virginia agricultural landscape, one fine way to accomplish that is by selecting plants, trees, flowers, and bushes that thrive in our climate … and are also edible.   It’s fun, it’s efficient, it makes sense. But often folks aren’t exactly sure which plants are edible or which plants [...]


What’s That Steak Worth

by Staff September 16, 2014

It’s a pinch, for sure.  We shouldn’t need to consider a second mortgage in order to buy a beef roast.  But the prices just keep climbing.  According to the U.S. Dep’t of Agriculture, we are all experiencing high prices of beef and other meats at the supermarket.  And it’s a direct result of the ongoing [...]


Farmers React to Central VA Gas Pipeline

by Staff September 10, 2014

Here’s another update link in the conversation about the gas pipelines that are scheduled to run through Central VA.  (For our background blogs on this subject you can click HERE.) One Augusta County farm family shares their concerns about the immediate personal impact that the pipeline land acquisition is having on their own 200-acre family [...]


Belly Up to the Farm in Central VA

by Staff August 23, 2014

We write often about the innovative farmers and their products in Central VA.   Farmers seem to be producing almost everything from solar power to chicken lips these days!   We have lots of quality wineries and vineyards in our Charlottesville area,  and now several busy farms are raising hops for their own craft breweries. As small ‘craft’ breweries (sometimes [...]


Heirloom Tomatoes

by Staff August 17, 2014

August reminds me of the part of the summer when my mother used to treat me to a tomato sandwich.  I know that sounds strangely simple in this age of fast food smorgasbords, but a tomato/mayo sandwich on fresh bread… tomato still warm from the garden… is a cherished memory that I can still taste and smell [...]