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Land Sales in Charlottesville and Central VA

Nelson County VA Real Estate

by Staff on December 2, 2012

Nelson County VA ViewsWe are so excited to introduce you to a new website all about Nelson County VA.  We’ve organized our site so that you can search for Nelson Co. real estate, Stoney Creek and Wintergreen Resort, plus farms and homes throughout Nelson County.  Farming in Nelson County includes not only cattle and horses and crops, but also specialty farms that feature vineyards and breweries and fruits of all kinds.  We think this is going to be a valuable resource for those who are new to the amazing beauty of Nelson County… as well as those who already know about the many benefits of life in this gorgeous spot at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Broadband for Rural Properties

by Staff on June 22, 2012

Broadband For Rural FarmersIn theory it’s long been ‘possible’ for companies to provide broadband service to rural areas of Virginia.  Possible, but unlikely.  There are still many rural properties that lose a good percentage of their real estate value… because the owners cannot receive the online access that they need in order to run their businesses and their lives.   Schools, hospitals, emergency servers…. all can be impacted when high-speed broadband doesn’t exist.

According to the sponsors of a 2012 Farm Bill amendment, fewer than 1/3 of rural farms currently have access to high-speed internet services.   The bill is expected to pass the Senate and result in several changes – - enhanced broadband mapping, a requirement that recipients of grants and loans must include at least 25% unserved or underserved households in their service, and better reporting of details like broadband speeds.

Virginia’s farmers continue to update their business skills, streamline their techniques, and connect themselves to a wide variety of sources for information that can help them to be better and more profitable.  This bill should help a lot.   You can check out the link for more details.


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Charlottesville Virginia Farm and Land Sales YTD

by Staff October 31, 2011

Almost daily someone asks us, how’s the real estate market in Charlottesville? While we as a firm have been busy, the market is not quite as active.   The Charlottesville Area Association of Realtors provides general statistics for all real estate sales; but since most of our clientele are searching for farms and land in [...]


Maps – Protected Lands Around Charlottesville

by Staff October 27, 2011

We often talk about the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) and the huge wealth of information that they provide to central Virginia landowners.  PEC serves an area from Charlottesville, northeast towards D.C. and the N. VA counties.  In a nutshell, they are committed to protecting and preserving the lands, viewsheds, historic features, and environmental wellbeing of [...]


How To Pass Your Virginia Land to Your Heirs

by Staff August 5, 2011

The PIedmont Environmental Council is holding workshops on Aug. 9th and 16th,  which will focus on the various ways that you can transfer your lands to your chosen successors.  This process is legally and technically challenging because there are many variables… your own family economics, the conservation of the land itself, and the mechanics of Virginia [...]


Our View of the Farms & Land Market

by Gayle July 28, 2011

We will begin by recapping where we are now and then speculate on where the market is heading for farms and land. Both market segments, which include many of the estate properties sold in the Charlottesville area, suffered a significant drop-off from the top of the market in 2005. Beginning in 2006 and carrying into [...]