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Farm Life in Virginia

Mid-Sized Farms in Virginia

by Staff March 16, 2014

If you’ve been involved with farming or agriculture in Central Virginia, you’ve likely heard of Bill and W.P. Johnson.  Or you’ve at least heard of the Johnson farm, nearly 500 acres near Bedford.   Mr. Johnson was recently interviewed for his opinions of farm life in Virginia and the interview is in THIS LINK.   Bill Johnson [...]


2014 Albemarle County Agri-Business Marketing Conference

by Sue January 13, 2014

January 27, 2014 8AM to 2PM Albemarle County Office Building Charlottesville, VA The Albemarle County Agri-Business Market Conference assists farmers and foodies with marketing resources. Some of the topics to be discussed will include: Social Networking, Lines of business to supplement farm income-risks & rewards, Where to Sell, Marketing and Branding resources. For more information [...]


Pollens For Contented Bees

by Staff November 13, 2013

Randall Cash already had a bachelor’s degree in biology… plus a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in history… when he went to the University of Virginia to earn his PhD  degree.  And he almost did that.  But his UVa studies took him to England for research and ironically that experience led him to abandon his doctorate goal, just shy of his [...]


Advice for a Farm Emergency

by Staff November 3, 2013

A good friend is always reminding me to plan for the best but prepare for the worst.  Likely that advice has been passed down for generations.  It’s good advice, sometimes easier to say than to do. For farmers, being prepared is a job that can’t be done at the last minute.  In the event of [...]


Full Circle To Support Community Organics

by Staff October 27, 2013

Though consumer demand for the sustainable farming movement …. and its partner, the interest in local foods … has grown steadily for a few years in Central VA, we think it’s interesting to see how the farmers themselves have adapted their whole ways of life to be consistent with these principles. Here’s an inside look [...]


How To Buy A Farm 101

by Staff July 26, 2013

It seems like an obvious process.  If you want to buy a farm, you just go find a farm that you like and buy it.  But without a few more details in that process, you’re cruising for a disaster. Almost anyone can “sell” you a farm.  It’s possible to buy directly from the existing owner or contact [...]