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Fowl Facts

Virginia Bobwhite Quail Management

by Staff August 23, 2012

The population of Virginia’s bobwhite quail has been impacted over the years by urban sprawl, industrialization, and reforestation…. to name just a few sources.   The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has published a very helpful link for how you can maximize your land to encourage the re-population of quail. High on the list [...]


Thanksgiving Turkey

by Gayle November 23, 2011

Every wonder where your bird came from? According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the U.S. is the world’s largest producer of turkeys at 250 million followed by the European Union in a far off second place. Within the United States, Minnesota, North Carolina, Missouri, Indiana and Arkansas are the top five turkey producing [...]


Hot Weather and Virginia Farm Animals

by Staff July 13, 2011

Let’s face it …. it’s been really hot in Virginia lately.   But for that matter, it’s been really hot all over much of the country lately. There are many sources to get information on how to care for household animals in extreme heat … pets…. family dogs and cats and birds etc.    Most of us [...]


4H and FFA Farm Show in Culpeper VA

by Staff July 6, 2011

Tomorrow July 7th is the opening of the 62nd Culpeper-Madison-Rappahannock Farm Show.  You can CLICK HERE for details of exhibits and events. This program gives kids and the whole community an opportunity to learn and display their farm projects.  The show runs through Monday and features the past year’s 4H and FFA projects in a variety [...]


Wet Your Chicken’s Whistle

by Staff July 1, 2011

I guess we can file this under “Why Didn’t I Think Of That”.     A Virginia farmer has come up with a way to ensure that his chickens always have plenty of fresh water…. on demand.   With the invention of a nipple on a plastic container of water which provides water-on-demand for each chicken (see link [...]


Power Up With Chicken Litter

by Staff April 3, 2011

Just when you think that farmers might not have much control over an energy crisis…. along comes a story like the one in the next link.  Apparently there’s a plan afloat to recycle chicken litter ( sounds like a more polite term than the variation of the term that my brother called me when we were kids). [...]