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Beekeeping Services in Virginia

by Staff July 6, 2013

Recently we took a look at the services offered through the Virginia Dep’t of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) to see how their program designed to connect beekeepers to farmers needing bees is working.   Imagine our surprise when we saw dozens of farmers offering to rent bees… all kinds of bees… to assist pollination… and [...]


Culpeper Madison Rappahannock Farm Show

by Sue July 2, 2013

Culpeper Agricultural Enterprises 10220 James Monroe Highway Culpeper VA The CMR Farm Show will be held July 11-15, 2013. While raising, showing and selling the animals is an important aspect of this show. You don’t have to own a farm or even raise animals to enjoy the festivities. There are horse and dog shows, cake [...]


Here Come The Cicadas

by Staff March 18, 2013

Although they prefer oak trees or fruit trees, they’re not fussy.  They’ll lay their eggs in most trees when the urge hits them.  And the urge hits them every 13-17 years.  And this year could be one for the emergence of the cicadas in Virginia. If you haven’t experienced an outbreak of cicadas yet … [...]


Gifts of Pigs and Bunnies

by Staff March 17, 2013

Hey farm enthusiasts… are you aware of an organization named Heifer International?   If you value farm life and a green way of living, this is one organization you might want to consider.  It’s been in business since 1944, working internationally to develop programs that address the issues of hunger, agriculture, and training for self-reliance. Of [...]


An Organization Approves Humane Farm Animal Conditions

by Staff October 11, 2012

Animal Welfare Approved is an organization that provides reporting, accrediting, and oversight on the humane conditions of raising farm animals.  Among other requirements, they require animals to be raised outdoors on actual family farms. The organization provides annual audits by experts who oversee events from birth to slaughter, and they provide a farm directory to locate those farms [...]


Fluvanna County SPCA Fundraiser

by Sue September 13, 2012

September 15, 2012 12:00PM to 3:00PM The Fluvanna SPCA will hold its 4th Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Keswick Vineyards. This event will feature wine tasting, a refreshment bar and a silent auction. For more information and tickets please visit the Fluvanna County SPCA website.