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Farm Animals


by Staff on November 3, 2014

When you think of bats, images come to mind of a crazy animal that attacks you at night. The truth is, bats are a forgotten animal that helps everyone, especially farmers. They come out at night, working while we sleep. They eat a tremendous amount of bugs, ranging from mosquitoes, to moths and beetles. They can consume 100- 600 bugs per hour! They also help pollinate flowers and spread seeds that allow new plants to grow. Bats are very important to farmers. They help protect crops from these bugs that could destroy a farmer’s crop. And since bats are eating these pesky bugs, it saves chemicals that farmers would have to use to protect their crops.
Sadly, bats are on the decline due to a new disease, the White Nose Syndrome. It’s responsible for killing over 6 million bats in just 6 years alone.
Wondering how to attract bats to your farm or land? There are several different things you can do.
No-Till Soil1. Keep your farm natural, allowing wetlands and ponds to stay. They attract insets and will attract bats because it provides insects that bats need to eat.
2. Build a bat house. Bat Conservation International provides instructions on how to construct a bat house depending on where you live.
3. Leave your old wooden barn. It provides the perfect habitat and chances are they are already living in the crevices.
4. Leave old hollow trees alone. Don’t cut them down. Bats often use them as their home.
Education is the biggest tool in protecting bats. To find out more, contact your
local department of natural resources.

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Federal and Virginia State Duck Stamps

by Staff on October 4, 2014

Duck Stamps In Virginia If you want to hunt for any kind of water birds, duck, geese etc … you will be required to first have a Federal Duck Stamp.  It will be the ‘conservation’ type that allows hunting of migratory birds.  These Duck Stamps can be found at licensed locations which include the USPS Post Offices, so that should make it convenient for you.

For one thing, it’s a law that you must have the Federal Duck Stamp and you could be on the receiving end of some major fines if caught hunting without one.  Another benefit for you is that the Duck Stamp provides you with free entry to avoid fees at some National Wildlife Refuges.  The Federal stamps is necessary for any waterfowl hunters aged 16 or more.

In addition to the Federal Stamp, Virginia also requires a Virginia Migratory Waterfowl Conservation Stamp unless they are hunting on their own private property.  The monies that they collect are used to preserve/protect waterfowl and habitat.  One more requirement: hunters of Virginia’s migratory gamebirds (like quail, woodcock etc) must also register for free at the Virginia Harvest Information Program (HIP), details in link above.

On the flip side of the Duck Stamp requirement are the artists who compete to have their waterfowl art works chosen to be featured on the Duck Stamp.  It’s a big boost to an artist’s career to be selected.  And arguably an artist has an unfair advantage by choosing a Wood Duck with its brilliant plumage … but you didn’t hear that here.  This year’s Duck Stamp winning art was done by artist Guy Crittenden, and it’s below.

Virginia Duck Stamp 2014


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Pastures Streams and Trees Advice

by Staff September 29, 2014

The Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (VDACS) sponsors a lot of interesting workshops and seminars.  Some workshops  aim for an audience of new or potential farmers while other target the existing experienced farmers in the state.  On 11-8-14 they have a seminar scheduled that should attract farmers in all stages of farm experience. [...]


What’s That Steak Worth

by Staff September 16, 2014

It’s a pinch, for sure.  We shouldn’t need to consider a second mortgage in order to buy a beef roast.  But the prices just keep climbing.  According to the U.S. Dep’t of Agriculture, we are all experiencing high prices of beef and other meats at the supermarket.  And it’s a direct result of the ongoing [...]


Charlottesville Hosts 2-Day Agriculture Fair

by Staff September 7, 2014

DAY 1: – Agriculture Celebration on Main St. in Charlottesville Friday, September 19, dinner time Charlottesville Historic Downtown Mall  On Friday Sept. 19th on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall there will be a special food event.  Restaurants on the downtown mall have teamed with the Local Food Hub and the Albemarle Farm Bureau to provide special local [...]


The Proper Hunt

by Staff June 3, 2014

The equestrian world is an interesting and varied place.  Similar to other locales, Central Virginia horse riders can choose to participate in trail rides, shows, breeding and boarding horses,  jumping horses, dressage, and combination eventing as well. But in Virginia, one prized tradition is The Hunt.   Yes, it involves horses, riders, and prized hounds … all looking for the fox.  [...]