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Farm and Barn Architecture

About Pressure Treated Lumber

by Staff June 3, 2011

“Treated” lumber…. also known as pressure treated lumber… is an essential building component for outdoor structures.  By pressure treatment, it’s meant that chemical preservatives are forced under pressure deep into the cellular structure of the wood, which helps the wood maintain a barrier against insects and decay for a long period of time.  It’s available as [...]


Green Horse Keeping

by Staff April 11, 2011

As farms struggle to lessen the environmental impact of their farming habits… so do horse owners.   Eco-friendly horse and farm management techniques can actually save the owners money as well as efficiency.  For those interested in learning more about the details,  the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is sponsoring a live phone-in and information session [...]


The Castle Hill Cider Barn

by Staff February 16, 2011

Castle Hill is one of the most distinguished estates of all the real estate in the Charlottesville VA area.  The property is located in the gorgeous Keswick Hunt area east of Charlottesville, notable for the majestic scenery of the Southwest Mountains and for the grandeur of the traditional architecture and scenic pastures.  Highway 231 meanders past historic beautiful estates and [...]


Central VA – Quarter Sawn Lumber and Heart Pine

by Staff February 4, 2011

We recently wrote an article about the heart pine wood found in many homes and buildings of Charlottesville and the Central Virginia area…. and we’d like to share it with you in THIS LINK. In the article, we’ve researched the history of heart pine in central VA…  how to cut quarter-sawn lumber,  the features that [...]


Seeing Stars

by Staff December 2, 2010

It doesn’t take very many hours of touring central Virginia real estate for sale, together with our clients… until they ask the question “what do the stars on these buildings mean?”   Sometimes the stars are on the exterior of homes or barns, and other times stars are used singly or in groupings as interior wall decor.   Although [...]


Barns and Modern Life

by Staff November 1, 2010

We’ve run across an article written by an architect in Michigan whose appreciation for barns is evident in the following wonderful article. His name is Chuck Bultman and his story deserves to be shared.  This article examines the role and nuances of barn preservation in the reality of modern society. Here’s your  Link to the Barn [...]