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Equestrian Updates

Protect Your Show Horses

by Staff May 17, 2012

This spring marks the beginning of the summer horse show season.   In Virginia horses are required to have a Coggins test for equine anemia, but many Virginians will be traveling to shows in other states to attend equestrian events or trail rides.  Those events where horses are in contact in close spaces are likely places [...]


Rare Twin Foals Born, Sire Dies

by Staff May 10, 2012

One of nature’s bittersweet ironies took place recently at Oak View horse farm in Gordonsville, VA.   Despite extensive efforts to keep him alive, stallion Champlain Rainmaker “Max” lost his battle with Lyme disease and had to be euthanized. According to Nancy Burnett of Oak View Farms, the same day they visited Max’s grave they learned the surprise [...]


Permits To Visit Wildlife Management Areas in VA

by Staff January 20, 2012

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries owns over 201,000 acres of land throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Those lands are in various Wildlife Management Areas and also in the state’s lakes. It used to be that horse riders had no real reason to be concerned about getting permission to ride (or fish or boat [...]


Memories of Montpelier Steeplechase

by Staff December 18, 2011

The steeplechase horse races at President James Madison’s Montpelier estate…. are always a memorable event.  It’s a chance to participate in the grandness of an estate event, as well as to be treated to race horses running their best over the wide hurdles and slopes of the long course.    The atmosphere is jovial (and occasionally [...]


Charlottesville Farm Connects Children to Equestrian Life

by Staff December 9, 2011

In Charlottesville’s Albemarle county, at least one farm is providing an opportunity for kids of modest means to enjoy a taste of life with horses.  The Montanova Stables Foundation offers after-school horse riding lessons for children, in exchange for help in caring for the grooming and feeding and general maintenance of horses at their stable.   The [...]


Horse, Rider, Trainer, Snowman

by Staff August 27, 2011

With excitement we’re sharing one of those stories that makes us smack the forehead with a “why-didn’t-I-write-this”  type of  moment.    Such is the article in USA Today about a local central Virginia horse owner and trainer named Harry de Leyer.   His story captivated author and horsewoman Elizabeth Letts as well, and she has written a beautiful story [...]