Farming and the Peace Corps

by Staff on December 3, 2014

Garden BathtubsUrban and small farmers have a wide range of skills and knowledge. Dedicating a few years to the Peace Corps can significantly improve the lives of people in underdeveloped countries. The Peace Corps is looking for small farmers to volunteer some of their time and experience. While, it’s a big commitment- the reward will be phenomenal.

The Peace Corps was established in 1961 and today, there are over 215,000 volunteers in over 139 countries. Volunteers range from teaching English, doctors and nurses, youth development and agricultural development.

Farms have a lot to offer the Peace Corps. There is a shortage of many different types of food- and Mother Nature also makes it hard due to floods in Pakistan and droughts in the Ukraine. All of these factors as well as many others- make it hard for developing countries to feed their people and earn income to support their families.

Farmers will serve over 24 months, overseas, teaching farming skills. As a volunteer, you will need to talk and work directly with the farmers on how to improve their crop production. When farmers can grow food successfully, they earn more money, can send their kids to school, are able to re-invest in their farms and help make their community stronger. Joining the Peace Corps is a long process and can take over 9 months to complete but the reward will be changing lives by teaching and helping others.

For more information on how to join the Peace Corps, please visit their website
The Peace Corps. .

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