Winterizing your garden

by Staff on November 21, 2014

The leaves have fallen off the trees, the air is cold and the holidays are fast approaching. Homeowners take a lot of time to winterize and protect their home from the long, cold winter. But what about your garden? Taking some simple steps now will help make a tremendous difference next spring!

Remove weeds, dead leaves and any plants that have died. When in doubt- pull it up, roots too! Insects lay eggs on old plants which can survive the winter months. Cut back any old and dead foliage.
Virginia Plant IdentificationNow might be a good time to record in a journal- what you planted, did it grow and any techniques you used that worked or didn’t work. Chances are- you won’t remember in 6 months!

Dig up your summer bulbs like begonias and store them in a paper bag in your cellar. These bulbs won’t survive the winter. Also, late fall is the time you can plant spring bulbs. However, it needs to be done before the ground is too frozen to work with.

Protect your garden by spreading mulch everywhere. It will help protect the roots. Don’t forget to water your trees and shrubs. They need water during the winter months. You can also continue to water them when it’s warm in the winter, typically above freezing.

If possible, bring potted plants inside or wrap them in insulating material.

A little extra effort and time now will help you have vibrant, colorful and healthy garden in the spring.

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