Support Our Local Farmers

by Staff on November 11, 2014

Virginia has some beautiful farms, ranging from fruits and vegetables, cattle and many local vineyards. Supporting our local farmers is important to the environment and the community. Here are a few important reasons on why everyone needs to support our local farmers.
Virginia Heirloom Tomatoes
1. When you buy local, the food tastes better and is fresher. Crops are picked at their peak for the best flavor and sold at local farmers markets, sometimes hours after its picked.
2. When buying local, you support the community and the farmers. Farmers get full price and the ‘middleman’ disappears. The money stays locally and doesn’t leave the community.
3. Supporting local farmers help ensure our future and that there will always be farms in our neighborhoods.
4. Buying local, helps save on energy. Since you purchased fruits and vegetables at the farmers market, we save on omissions and wasted packaging that harm the environment.

Supporting the local farming community is very important and has a variety of benefits, all which have a positive impact on our community and economy. Next time you are out, stop by a local farmers market and discover how amazing the local food is!

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