Virginia’s 2014 Apple Crop

by Staff on October 2, 2014

Ginger Gold Apples in VirginiaWe may be heavy but don’t call us fat.  Can you guess what in Virginia weighs 180 million pounds?  If you answered ‘Virginia’s 2014 apple crop‘… you’d get a gold star.

It’s been a great year for Virginia’s famed apples.  Because our Central Virginia area sits primarily east of the Blue Ridge Mountains, our orchards benefit from rich soils plus protection from winds and extremely low temperatures that can cause frost.   This year the weather has been good to our apple growers and the crop looks wonderful.

There are more than 50 recognized apple orchards in the state and likely many other smaller operations/farms as well.

The Virginia Apple Growers Association based in Charlottesville has lots of information about our apples in their link HERE.   They say that an acre of apple trees could yield approximately 700 bushels of apples every season.  Different varieties of trees have varying yields from 2 to 8 bushels per tree.   And you know that if we’re talking about apples, we always need to give a nod to Virginia Gold apples, our favorite forever.

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