Federal and Virginia State Duck Stamps

by Staff on October 4, 2014

Duck Stamps In Virginia If you want to hunt for any kind of water birds, duck, geese etc … you will be required to first have a Federal Duck Stamp.  It will be the ‘conservation’ type that allows hunting of migratory birds.  These Duck Stamps can be found at licensed locations which include the USPS Post Offices, so that should make it convenient for you.

For one thing, it’s a law that you must have the Federal Duck Stamp and you could be on the receiving end of some major fines if caught hunting without one.  Another benefit for you is that the Duck Stamp provides you with free entry to avoid fees at some National Wildlife Refuges.  The Federal stamps is necessary for any waterfowl hunters aged 16 or more.

In addition to the Federal Stamp, Virginia also requires a Virginia Migratory Waterfowl Conservation Stamp unless they are hunting on their own private property.  The monies that they collect are used to preserve/protect waterfowl and habitat.  One more requirement: hunters of Virginia’s migratory gamebirds (like quail, woodcock etc) must also register for free at the Virginia Harvest Information Program (HIP), details in link above.

On the flip side of the Duck Stamp requirement are the artists who compete to have their waterfowl art works chosen to be featured on the Duck Stamp.  It’s a big boost to an artist’s career to be selected.  And arguably an artist has an unfair advantage by choosing a Wood Duck with its brilliant plumage … but you didn’t hear that here.  This year’s Duck Stamp winning art was done by artist Guy Crittenden, and it’s below.

Virginia Duck Stamp 2014


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