Edible Landscapes in Virginia

by Staff on September 22, 2014

Edible BerriesFor those who want to integrate themselves into the Virginia agricultural landscape, one fine way to accomplish that is by selecting plants, trees, flowers, and bushes that thrive in our climate … and are also edible.   It’s fun, it’s efficient, it makes sense.

But often folks aren’t exactly sure which plants are edible or which plants do well in specific locations.  No need to worry.  Virginia Tech has a simple easy-to-read publication to help identify native plants you can eat.  If you check out the chart in the link you’ll see that they give advice about where these plants do their best…. soils, acidity, sun, moisture etc.

I confess.  I like to nibble an occasional pansy but my heart is with the native berries.  The edge of my property includes black raspberries and I always thought my own black raspberry jelly was as fine as it gets (no modesty when it comes to this topic).   But in truth it is topped only by my neighbor’s mouth-watering elderberry jelly.  Ah.  That’s a nice competition for sure.

And for those who want more than a passing glance at edible plants on their property, Central Virginia has a business that propagates and sells edible plants of all kinds.  It’s on Afton Mt. and it’s called Edible Landscaping.  Details are in the link.


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