Farmers React to Central VA Gas Pipeline

by Staff on September 10, 2014

Here’s another update link in the conversation about the gas pipelines that are scheduled to run through Central VA.  (For our background blogs on this subject you can click HERE.)

One Augusta County farm family shares their concerns about the immediate personal impact that the pipeline land acquisition is having on their own 200-acre family farm.

One of their comments that has relevance to the real estate aspects of this pipeline… is about their concern that they will have to continue to pay taxes on the land where the pipeline crosses their farm…. but they will have multiple restrictions on their use of that land. They are among those farmers who believe that the expediency of running the pipeline in the most direct cost effective path…. will unnecessarily uproot many farmers like themselves when other alternative paths already exist …. such as placement of pipelines along interstate highways where the government already owns access to the route. Gas Pipeline in VA


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