Gas Pipeline Through Virginia

by Staff on June 20, 2014

VA Gas Pipeline MapIn Virginia, both buyers and sellers of real estate should be aware of the locations of a proposed gas pipeline that would run north/south throughout the middle of the state on its way from West Virginia to North Carolina.   The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) has published information that says landowners in areas that might be impacted have begun receiving notices of this proposal, and above is an enhanced version of the PEC map.

Apparently exact details have not been disclosed yet, but the company intending to build the pipeline is Spectra Energy and here is the outline of their pipeline intentions from PEC.

There are searchable maps available if you’re particularly interested in the following areas:  Culpeper,  MadisonOrangethe Piedmont region.  At the time of PEC’s publishing, Spectra Energy had stated their intentions to begin feasibility studies on specific properties, but had yet to formally apply for the pipeline with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Specific procedures must be followed in order to gain approval, and when those are made public we will keep you posted.  It’s important to know how this may impact the value of properties in our Central Virginia area.


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