Let The Sweet Corn Begin

by Staff on June 27, 2014

Virginia Ranks High on Corn Yield CompetitionThis culinary experience is a bit like eating local fresh strawberries or asparagus … if you eat local sweet corn when it’s in season, it’s a wonderful treat.  Although our local strawberry season is mostly done, the corn season is just beginning.  And it’s shaping up as one of the best corn crops ever in Virginia.

We’ve had perfect growing weather.  Lots of rain, hot humid temperatures. The corn has grown fast and the crop is already being harvested in some parts of the state.  The National Agricultural Statistic Service keeps track of surface moisture levels on farms and they’re reporting that approximately 71% of Virginia’s farm soil has at least adequate or more moisture for good corn crops.   Temperatures continue to be hot…. perfect to make corn grow fast.

Here’s a personal anecdote…. anyone else ever had this experience?  If you sit quietly near a patch of sweet corn during these ideal growing conditions, I swear you can hear the corn growing.  The leaves make an occasional squeaking/rubbing noise, even when there’s zero breeze.

If you have the opportunity to eat sweet corn within an hour or so from the time it’s picked, that’s when it has the most sugar/flavor content.  If you get yours at a market or store, look for ears that have shiny kernels (not dull like field corn).  And if you’re throwing dietary caution to the winds, sweet corn is the perfect butter-and-salt delivery system.  So enjoy it while it’s fresh!


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