Poultry Exported to China Again

by Staff on May 30, 2014

Virginia Poultry ExportsHere’s something to cluck about.   China is once again allowing Virginia poultry products to be sold to China.  For the past 7 years Virginia has been the target of a complete ban of exported poultry products because China’s Minister of Agriculture wanted to isolate a single case of avian influenza.  China was quite strict about their ban.  It also specified that the U.S. could not export non-Virginia poultry products if they had been shipped through the state of Virginia or if they were exported from a Virginia port.

Overall the U.S. sold $416M of poultry to China in 2013.  China is the biggest importer of other Virginia agriculture and forestry products as well.  So now it’s good news that by removing the poultry ban, Virginia will stand to earn another $20M in poultry revenues, and ports in Virginia will have increased opportunities to ship to China.

Apparently there’s even a Chinese market for by-products like chicken feet and chicken wing tips too.      Chicken lips, anyone?

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