The Boxwoods of Virginia

by Staff on November 29, 2013

Virginia Boxwood ShrubsOne of the most defining details of Virginia residential landscaping, is the boxwood plant.  Used primarily as a border plant, it sets the southern mood and tone for estates, driveways, even commercial business plantings.  Because they tend to be rounded in shape, a row of boxwoods can add a “formal” appearance wherever they’re used.  There are actually many kinds of boxwoods, American and English boxwoods, ranging from small bushes to plants that can reach 20 feet or more.

So why are we talking about boxwoods during the holiday season?  It’s because boxwoods and boxwood clippings are often used in holiday wreaths, and we need to be aware of a new disease that’s been a threat to Virginia’s boxwoods since it was discovered in 2011… a blight, see photo below.  It’s caused by a fungus that attacks the tops of the plants, and the fungus spreads via water from the infected plants as well.  If you see evidence of this fungus, do not allow contact with other plants or ground cover leaves to prevent spreading.

Boxwood Blight

Many boxwoods in Virginia are historical treasures. We even have a company who specializes in nurturing and preserving the health of historic boxwoods.  One firm specializes in English boxwoods and offers consultation services.

The first step is owning some of these lovely shrubs. Here’s a 10-page guide for how to select boxwoods for your own landscaping.  And of course after you’ve purchased them, you might want to know more about how to plant and care for Virginia boxwoods.

Enjoy your holiday wreath!

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