Converted Barn Homes

by Staff on September 9, 2013

Barn HomesHello.    Welcome to our…   barn?

Yes.  Today a barn home is a prestigious address.  This is a trend that’s gone high-tech since the era of hippies, when executives preferred to live in proper homes, not barns.   Wealthy folks are capitalizing on a time in history, when many large old wonderful barns are near the end of their functional lives.  Sometimes the farm has been subdivided.  Sometimes a farmer has built a substitute structure for the old wood-frame barn.  And sometimes dismantled barn materials are hauled to new construction sites.  But in any case, people are noticing what a wonderful home can be made from a barn.

Just look at the size and open design of a barn and you’ll know why it’s so appealing.  The textures, the history of the structure, ample floor space… all contribute to a warm home-y feeling.   But barns are not without disadvantages too.  They may have been comfy when the sheep lived there, but winter evenings can be drafty without extensive architectural intervention.

The barn in the photo was the work of a restoration firm named Heritage Barns.  They are one of the select handful of firms who specialize in dismantling and stockpiling barn materials for use in future reconstruction.   Items such as reclaimed beams, planks, cupolas, and doors are available for new uses.

Sometimes a barn home has an amazing history.  It can have reclaimed beams from a Vermont barn, a doorway from Williamsburg, planking from Ohio…. and end up together in a barn in Japan.  If you want to stretch the boundaries of your barn architecture imagination, check out these barns.

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