Camel Burgers In Virginia

by Staff on August 28, 2013

Camel Burgers in VirginiaVirginia Beach is a center for our military personnel, so it only makes sense that there would be a variety of culinary preferences from those folks who’ve spent a great deal of time in other countries.  I tend to associate “variety” with the manner in  which the food is prepared.  Thai.  Indian.  I think of spices and techniques that make each country have its distinctive flavorings,  … yet the meat sources seem to remain rather similar throughout…. beef, lamb, chicken, fish etc.

So it surprised me a bit to learn that a popular item around Virginia Beach is camel meat.  Soldiers who were able to eat camel meat while they were stationed overseas were delighted with its taste and texture.  They liken it to beef but slightly sweeter.

Camel is a common menu item in countries like Mongolia, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, and Egypt. Although there are hundreds of camel breeders in our country, those camels are worth more money when sold for zoos or as backyard pets than they are as food.  A male baby camel can sell for nearly $5000 on the open market.  The Virginia Beach locations (see link above) sell processed camel meat for approximately $14 per pound.

Did you know that hump is filled with fat?       And let’s clear up something right away… camel apparently does NOT taste just like chicken!

Here are a couple of sources for camels in Virginia:     Lost World Ranch   and  Camel Hill Vineyard (this one has lots of information about breeding, feeding, and caring for camels as well.)

I don’t know whether this will become a pertinent bit of speculation, but it’s worth noting that scientists in the Netherlands have linked camels in the Middle East to the chain of the cycle of MERS – - Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus - – which is known to be linked to bats but its other links remain unclear.   The concerns are serious enough that Saudi Arabia restricted travel visas to Mecca during this year’s Hajj.

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