Virginia Eggs

by Staff on May 30, 2013

Central Virginia Egg FactsSometimes I wonder about obscure notions, like why did folks use the phrase “he’s a good egg”?    I still don’t know why people used to say that,  so if you know can you share that detail with me?  Is it only the opposite of being a “rotten egg”…. and if so, why pick on eggs?  Why not be a good tomato or a good bean?

But if you’ve ever wondered about the condition of the egg business in Virginia, here are some details about Virginia’s healthy egg industry.   Of course we need to give tribute to the birds themselves, but did you know that last year Virginia’s farmers brought 696 million eggs to the market?   Virginia eggs make up nearly 10% of the overall agricultural products in Virginia, and each chicken can produce from 280-320 eggs per year.   You can check out the link for other interesting details about Virginia’s egg farmers.

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