About Your Back Yard Chickens

by Staff on May 18, 2013

Virginia Back Yard ChickensIf the comments from some of our real estate prospects are to be believed, more folks than ever are longing to have backyard chickens.  Many are not seeking farm settings for chickens.  Chicken-seekers are eyeing even the one-quarter-acre suburban lots (zoning codes allowing).

It’s understandable.  The dream of fresh eggs from birds who can actually peck at bugs in the ground, seems so natural and desirable.  Another sought-after benefit is often having a chicken dinner where the chicken actually has some flavor and texture.

But more often, the back yard chicken dream is layered in visions of bucolic America, a more natural way of life.  Pinafores and sunshine.  Baskets of eggs and wagging puppies.

Before you make the investment in your own backyard chickens, you might want to read what one person has summarized about the actual cost and responsibility of caring for chickens over the duration of their lifetimes.  It might make you think carefully about getting back yard chickens.


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