Save the Randall Lineback by Eating It

by Staff on January 2, 2013

Virginia Randall Lineback CowIf someone invites you to a dinner of Randall Lineback … you should feel quite honored.   And if you have no idea what you’d be eating if you accept their invitation, well, we didn’t know either until we read this fascinating article about Saving An Animal By Eating It.

It seems counter-intuitive to save anything by eating it.  But it turns out that the Randall Lineback is one of the rarest breeds of cattle.   At one point there were only 15 of these left on the planet and even now there may be less than 500 of them left.  They date from colonial times and a Virginia man has made it his mission to perpetuate the breed by creating a demand for it.  And his conclusion is that the demand will come from the sheer pleasure of eating it.  They can’t be raised much further south than Virginia because they aren’t able to acclimate to heat.

There are a few chefs in the Alexandria VA and D.C. Beltway areas who prepare the Randall Lineback (contact information is in the link above) and the technique is unlike other types of beef.   If you have this dining experience, it will be very unique….. because they only will sell about 200 of these cows in the whole world this year.  Let us know if you get to taste it?

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