Learn To Rescue Your Horse

by Staff on October 10, 2012

Virginia Horse Rescue ServicesAnyone who owns horses can tell you that there are plenty of ways even the brightest horses can need help.  We’re not talking about the routine veterinarian care or maintenance that a horse requires.  We’re talking about stuck-in-the-mud, head-through-fence, trailer-accident kind of emergency that requires you to know safe rescue procedures and first aid that you can utilize quickly.

Fortunately for folks in Virginia, there’s a lot of awareness and plenty of resources to learn to deal with horse emergencies.  In Central VA,  horse owners can attend an Oct. 17th conference on equine emergency scenarios at the Virginia Animal Control Association (VACA) meeting in Charlottesville.  Here’s the agenda for that training session.

Large animal rescue can be dangerous for both horse and human.  The sheer weight and bulk of a horse make it complicated to administer aid without creating further damage.  Sometimes special tools and instruments are needed in case of entrapment or fires.  Sometimes it’s technique that’s required, in situations such as working with an elderly horse.

When it’s necessary for rescue personnel to place rescued horses in a safe environment, sometimes they must be relocated to compatible farms.  Recently a Bedford County VA farm earned honors and accreditation from the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries for their services in rescuing nearly 400 horses and providing a safe haven.

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