The Story of Ginger Gold Apples

by Staff on July 28, 2012

Ginger Gold Apples in VirginiaNo matter where you live in the U.S. … or in other countries as well … you can ask an apple lover to name which variety is their favorite apple of all, and many of them will answer “Ginger Gold”.   Ginger Gold apples are available early in the season, usually in August.

Ginger Gold apples are native to our Central Virginia area.  The story of how they came into being, is a wonderful story, and nobody tells it better than its namesake, Ginger Harvey.    From the tragedy of Hurricane Camille came a delicious new apple variety that tastes great and cooks great (and doesn’t even get discolored when sliced).   We’re so happy to link you to the short video below about how this ‘volunteer’ apple variety came into being.   You’ll have a story to share with the apple vendor at your next farmer’s market.   Enjoy!


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