Tick Time

by Staff on May 13, 2012

TicksDespite the fun suggested in the song “I Want To Check You For Ticks”…. ticks are no laughing matter.   Due to our mild winter and early spring weather, ticks are already out there waiting for us. 

In our firm it seems like The Boss can attract ticks without even trying.  If she simply entertains the notion of looking at real estate in the woods or fields, a tick shows up in her hair or neck… or worse.

Of course it’s creepy to find a critter maintaining its own life by sucking on your blood.  But beyond the Ewwww Factor, ticks can do real harm to us.  The most well-known hazard is that ticks spread diseases such as Lyme disease.  Yet some species of ticks rarely ever attach to humans.

There are hundreds of species of ticks and they don’t all behave alike.  One of our most common is the deer tick, which can more than quadruple its own size as it attaches and gorges on its prey.   We’ve previously written about the dangers of ticks and we’ve linked to an account of how one person discovered that she had Lyme disease.

Here’s a link to an extensive article about how to recognize ticks and Lyme disease…. and what to do to prevent the disease and also to remove the tick.   Some folks say that repeated exposure to tick bites can increase the problems…. so do yourself a favor and cover up if you’re in tick country!   Tick

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