Charlottesville Area Stream Quality

by Gayle on April 5, 2012

Charlottesville Virginia Streams and RiversQuite often when showing acreage around central Virginia I am asked about the quality of the local streams.  Streams free from pollutants is important to everyone and if not, should be.  Whether you want a stream for recreational activities, fishing or to provide fresh water to your animals, clean water cannot be taken for granted.  Growing up, I never hesitated to walk over to a stream to take a sip.  Even then though, I would always make sure I was upstream from the cattle.  Today, I wouldn’t be too eager to drink, even if I were upstream!

I thought it would be helpful to my clients to post a link to the Virginia Environmental Quality’s GIS map, so that anyone interested in investigating a particular stream can easily locate it.

Also you can search by county to see more detailed reports on streams at this DEQ site.

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