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by Staff on August 27, 2011

With excitement we’re sharing one of those stories that makes us smack the forehead with a “why-didn’t-I-write-this”  type of  moment.    Such is the article in USA Today about a local central Virginia horse owner and trainer named Harry de Leyer.  

Snowman Jumping Another Horse

Snowman Jumping Another Horse

His story captivated author and horsewoman Elizabeth Letts as well, and she has written a beautiful story of the horse trainer and his champion horse named Snowman.  Her new novel entitled “The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation”   is scheduled for release next week.

Please read the story…. HERE… you’ll love it.    The photo above was originally in a Life Magazine feature about how Snowman would willingly jump over other horses.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Mr. de Leyer and I can honestly say that no matter how captivating this story may be …. the man is even more captivating in person.  His pure love for horses and his respect for the art of training… shines through every twinkle in his eye as he speaks.  He has a soft demeanor, full of enthusiasm and knowledge.  In the article it mentions that there are talks of making a film of his life, and in my opinion that would be one film I definitely want to see.   Many thanks to Elizabeth Letts for documenting this terrific story.

If you still need more about this horse, here’s a brief article. And this next link tells you MORE ABOUT MR. DE LEYER

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